Who we are

Who we are

RecycleMédias is a private, non-profit organization created in December 2000 with the mission of representing newspapers, which are required to contribute to residual materials recycling and reclamation efforts in Québec.


Since 2005, RecycleMédias has been the organization accredited by the Government of Québec to represent owners of newspapers (dailies, weeklies and others) pursuant to the Environment Quality Act. In 2010, RecycleMédias assigned responsibility for performing its management activities to Hebdos Québec.


Bill 88, which received assent on June 13, 2011, makes significant changes to the compensation plan for curbside recycling services. For more details about the compensation scheme, consult the tarif section.

The role and responsibilities de RecycleMédias are to: 


•  make representations to the Government of Québec to establish fair and equitable rates for the members RecycleMédias represents;

•  collect the financial contributions of its members and remit them to Recyc-Québec;

•  take part in negotiations with Recyc-Québec regarding compensation for services.


RecycleMédias represents hundreds of newspapers published by the following organizations: Gesca, Sun Media Corporation, Transcontinental Media, The GazetteLe Devoir, the Québec Community Newspaper Association (QCNA), Groupe Voir, the Association des médias écrits communautaires du Québec (AMEQ) and several other independent publications.




The mission of RecycleMédias is to represent certain businesses and organizations targeted by the Act in their responsibility to finance the net costs of municipal curbside recycling services and, to ensure that financing, to establish equitable contribution rates.


Board of Directors


Richard Tremblay

Vice-Président des opérations industrielle,
Media-QMI inc.


Éric Brousseau

Directeur général, LeDroit


Renel Bouchard

Président et secrétaire, IciMédias inc.


Denis Tétreault

Directeur général,


Josée Boutin

Directrice des ressources humaines,
Post Media (The Gazette)


Marie-Andrée Prévost

General Manager,
VIVA média


Brian Myles

editor, Le Devoir


Michael Sochaczevski

The Suburban