Legal framework

Since March 17, 2021, we have been governed by Law 65, which mainly modifies deposit and selective collection.

The main changes introduced by this new law concern the possibility of providing by regulation:


  • The obligation for certain people to develop, implement and financially support, according to the terms and conditions, a deposit of selective collection system;
  • The attribution of this responsibility to a designated management body (DMO) by the Minister or by RECYC-QUÉBEC, which will act as manager;
  • The terms and conditions applicable to the designation of an organization and its operation as well as the minimum requirements that it must meet;
  • The obligation for reporting companies to become members of a designated body, to send if the required information and to pay it the necessary contributions for the implementation of the system;
  • The conditions and procedures for deploying the systems and the obligations of certain persons;
  • The setting of a deposit payable on the purchase of a covered product of the parameters allowing such a deposit to be set;
  • Some transitional provisions to facilitate the evolution of current systems towards an exterded producer responsibility approach.


The minister took into account the recommendations of the standing advisor committee on the modernization of the recovery and recycling industry and those of the various groups consulted in order to adopt a bill that takes contemporary issues into account.

Ce texte est un extrait issu de la loi sur le régime de compensation.