Legal framework

Bill 88, which received assent on June 13, 2011, makes significant changes to the compensation plan for curbside recycling services. Under the new plan, the rate of compensation payable to municipalities, was previously 50%, then increased to:


  • 70% for the year 2010;
  • 80% for 2011;
  • 90% for 2012.


For 2013 and following years, it will be of 100 %.

This will result in an increase in the amount of the contributions that targeted entities, including newspaper owners, will be required to pay. Bill 88 apportions the yearly compensation owed to municipalities among categories of materials subject to compensation; the share for newspapers for the years 2010 to 2013 was set at 10.4%.


Since year 2015, the share for the newspaper was fixed to 8.7% accordingly to the article 8.10.1 of the regulation of municipal services compensation promoted for the recycling and the valorization of the residual matters. As mentioned in the Québec official Gazette of June 13, 2018, since 2018 the contribution of newspapers has been set at 8.3 %.


For more information about the origins of Bill 88, see the Environment Quality Act and the Regulation Respecting Compensation for Municipal Services Provided to Recover and Reclaim Residual Materials.

Ce texte est un extrait issu de la loi sur le régime de compensation.