Compensation regime


Since March 1, 2005, for sustainable development purposes, the compensation regime under the Act and the Regulation respecting compensation for municipal services provided to recover and reclaim residual materials (the “Regulation”) requires the enterprises and organizations required to make a contribution to finance their share of the net costs of municipal curbside recycling services.


In 2011, significant changes which increase the contributions of those required to make a contribution were made to the compensation regime for curbside recycling services. A schedule of contributions (Tariff) covering years 2010, 2011 and 2012 was adopted following a consultation undertaken by RecycleMédias, particularly with newspaper owners.


2013 Tariff


RecycleMédias must send to Recyc Québec a proposed Tariff for year 2013, as well as a consultation report no later than December 31, 2012. If RecycleMédias fails to do so within that time, RecycleMédias and, in turn, the newspapers it represents then lose the opportunity of paying through a contribution in goods or services (advertising).


RecycleMédias has chosen to discharge its obligation to consult, particularly by sending this letter to each person included in the “newspapers” class required to make a contribution it was able to identify and inviting these persons to attend information and consultation meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to submit, for consultation purposes, a proposed Tariff for year 2013. A copy of the proposed 2013 Tariff is available on the website of RecycleMédias at


Proposed Tariff highlights


On the basis of available information, and taking into account the provisions of the Act and the Regulation, RecycleMédias thus proposes the following rates for year 2013:


  • Contribution in the form of advertising: $26.42  per metric ton
  • Cash contribution:    $27.07  per metric ton

The quantity of metric tons which will be used to calculate the contribution due by each newspaper owner will be that of year 2012. A person required to make a contribution who marketed 3 tons or less of materials in 2012 will be exempted from making the advertising contribution and the cash contribution payable for year 2013.


The cash contribution is used to pay the compensation due to municipalities, to cover the operating costs of RecycleMédias and to pay to Recyc Québec the prescribed amount for its management indemnity. The minimum contribution to be paid by a person required to make a contribution is fixed, in the proposed Tariff, at $75 for the year.


Adjustments are also provided for in the Tariff in the event that the amounts collected by RecycleMédias are insufficient or exceed the necessary amounts.


Information and consultation of the persons required to make a contribution


If you cannot participate to the information and consultation meeting, please note that the presentation made during such meeting will be available on the website of RecycleMédias at in the days following the meeting.


You are also invited to make your comments and suggestions respecting the 2013 Tariff no later than December 17, 2012 by sending an email to the following address: